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By the light of moon...

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13th December 2009


20th April 2009


2nd September 2008

torturedmute10:35pm: Luna.

17th July 2008

torturedmute11:06am: Quarter Moon

|click image for a larger version|

15th October 2007

parawara6:49am: Lunar eclipse from Aug 27, 2007 - Phoenix, AZ
I forgot to post this here after I took them. Somewhere around 194 miscellaneous pics of the August 27th eclipse, 2007, taken from Phoenix, AZ throughout the duration of the eclipse with my Canon Powershot G7.

They're not GREAT quality but there are a few that turned out kind of cool. One was accidentally blurry, and I noticed it looked a bit like a Yin Yang symbol so I kept it.

Also interesting to me was that certain exposures resulted in different colors inexplicably, I have no idea why. Same aperture, same time, same atmospheric conditions, and yet while 4 seconds and 2 seconds looked reddish, 3.2 seconds looked more blue. Weird!

You can see all of them here:
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11th April 2006

beidoll9:14am: Moon Painting - Misery
Hey all. I just thought I'd post this here. I hope you all enjoy it.

Prints are available, if you're interested. But I just thought I'd share this with you guys. The moon has always been an inspiration to me. : )
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bonvogue12:35am: Moon lovers...
It has been a long while, but last night, I saw her again. And she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

2nd January 2006

sermoa10:49am: A question
Hey there, fellow moon-lovers!

I've always loved watching the moon, ever since I was little. I find it quite enchanting. I've found a useful postcard (a bit like this) which shows the phases of the moon for 2006.

Does anyone else here believe they can see a face in the full moon at early evening? I see two eyes, a little nose and a big wide open mouth. Maybe you have to be in the UK to see this, I don't know. My granny pointed it out to me when I was really little. The strange thing is, I can never see the moon's face in the morning, which surprises me since I know the moon always has the same side towards us. Maybe it's the way the sunlight goes.

Can anyone back me up on this because I know I must sound rather foolish if nobody else sees the face ...! heheh!

8th December 2005

erimo7:17pm: pointing to the moon
I'd like to combine the local moonrise/set table with moon phases table and see if a pattern emerges (or even combine these with a tide table if I were feeling ambitious). The U.S. Naval Observatory Data Services site is an awesome resource for generating a local moonrise/set table, but I still am not sure where on the horizon it will rise from or set at.

Today I saw the moon behind a thick cloud layer. The light is so much paler than the halogen(?) street lamps over the nearby freeway and airport. I have been kind of down lately, here is an essay that is a kind of parody of the Buddhist saying "The finger pointing to the moon is not to be confused with the moon itself." Funny.

29th November 2005

erimo7:33pm: new member intro
I live in Alaska at almost 65 degrees north latitude. In fact, Fairbanks is more famous for viewing the aurora borealis than the moon! My photography skills haven't been tested yet, but maybe I could get a picture of the moon and aurora together sometime. It is usually easier for me to see the aurora than the moon.

Lately I have been trying to understand time, which began as an inquiry into the idea of impermanence. The scales of time on which we think and plan, are they long or short? Measurement of time is a repetion of cycles, whether involving the Sun, Earth, or Moon. One complete lunar cycle is about 29 days, which is very nice since it is longer than a day, but shorter than a year. I want to learn more about the science behind the moon's relationship to the Earth. I also like to explore ideas in literature; maybe I'll look up moon in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. I'm glad to see so many beautiful photos of the moon here!

Seeing the bright full moon on a snowy winter night, a visible moon during a long summer day, or the crescent moon I saw early yesterday morning on my walk to work, has had a calming effect. I think an awareness of cycles that take longer than a day can encourage a view of life where people can more easily see beyond their daily concerns.

27th August 2005

_siddal_11:29pm: We Like the Moon
Copied from my good friend ennyn, for your amusement:
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14th August 2005

secretgraces10:22pm: Regardez la lune!

The weather in England has been awful and unusual this summer - we've had tornados, no sun, little rain, it's almost been like autumn for months. Yet - we've had the biggest moon in a long time (or so it seems) as if it were a winter moon, not a summer moon.

Beautiful, but unnerving!

28th June 2005



Comprehension of the moon begins in us.
It's not the sincere who feel the moon,
but neither is it the insincere; it's those
who create in themselves a real sincerity towards feeling...
by accepting the overflow of beauty within their own

24th May 2005

lonely_elf209:11pm: Hello, I'm new.
This community wasn't updated in a while so I thought that I would update. Well I'm new, and I love the moon! My nickname is moon... >.< Anyways just check out my profile for info (not much but still...) Anyways feel free to add me to your friends list, I'll do the same, later.

Current Mood: gloomy

26th March 2005

unknownbeauty136:06pm: So what does the moon make you think of? Or does it remind you of a person...?
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22nd March 2005

sailormoon8:51pm: hi ^.^ im new to the community so i thought id say hi.

hmm reasons why i love the moon <.< theres really too many. I'v always had a thing for the moon since its always reminded me of pearsla nd as a child i loved those ^.^ so i always thought of my pearls as little moons ^_^;; we're wierd as children X_x

but uh, i guess its because i just think its really pretty and breathtaking, like tonight i was next door over at my friends house and on the way back over here i almost tripped and broke my ankle because i couldnt stop looking up over my shoulder at the Moon ^.^;

Current Mood: calm

25th February 2005

bonvogue12:01am: another moonset ;)

24th February 2005

wickenden5:03pm: Second day of a spectacular moon
The moon this week has been beautiful. Excuse the second post in two days, but here is the morning after full.

electric_gods12:24am: Hey. I live in Minnesota. I don't know why I love the moon. I just do. I prefer the night to the day, I love all the stars and sky, and the clouds. My favorite kind of moon, is the full moon over Minnesota winter. The snow and the reflecting light makes it look like you've crossed over into the dream world, and it's so blue and beatiful and still. I wish I had a camera that could see it like my eyes can.

23rd February 2005

wickenden9:32am: Moonset

cross posted from wickenden

12th February 2005

bonvogue12:18am: Silver moon

6th February 2005

wickenden7:52am: Morning Moon - Waning to New
I love watching the moon dance from new, near the sun, to full, risen at midnight to full height and then back again, as you can see in this image. Here is the waning moon, on its way back to the sun, each morning a little farther over my building as I get to work. This was taken last week, just about 3rd quarter I'd say.

Outside the Liberal Arts building in Orem, Utah, on the campus of UVSC.
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