Orchid's Child (bonvogue) wrote in moonlovers,
Orchid's Child

even in game time, ;)

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Have you ever played Morrowind? One of the best features of the game is the beautiful night-skies.
I must have missed this reply completely.

yes I had played Morrowind. and the environment is beautiful in it. ;) FFXI is the thing of the moment for me tho, ;)
I concluded as much from the screenshot.
hey i'd like to join this community. and im sorry but at the moment no pictures of the moon and its beauty are available for me to post here.
i've been infatuated with the moon for quite a while. the name itself is simply divine. my name's diana and it means, among other things, Goddess of the moon, so that's another reason why i've become so observant of it and its behavior. well, let me know if i can join, thanks, and good day.
yes, please join! this is an open community, everyone is welcome.
thanks, i'll post here with pictures when i find good ones.

btw....can you please help me, i have no idea how to use an LJ cut