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I live in Alaska at almost 65 degrees north latitude. In fact, Fairbanks is more famous for viewing the aurora borealis than the moon! My photography skills haven't been tested yet, but maybe I could get a picture of the moon and aurora together sometime. It is usually easier for me to see the aurora than the moon.

Lately I have been trying to understand time, which began as an inquiry into the idea of impermanence. The scales of time on which we think and plan, are they long or short? Measurement of time is a repetion of cycles, whether involving the Sun, Earth, or Moon. One complete lunar cycle is about 29 days, which is very nice since it is longer than a day, but shorter than a year. I want to learn more about the science behind the moon's relationship to the Earth. I also like to explore ideas in literature; maybe I'll look up moon in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. I'm glad to see so many beautiful photos of the moon here!

Seeing the bright full moon on a snowy winter night, a visible moon during a long summer day, or the crescent moon I saw early yesterday morning on my walk to work, has had a calming effect. I think an awareness of cycles that take longer than a day can encourage a view of life where people can more easily see beyond their daily concerns.
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